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Having spent years making other schools students look and dance better, it is now time for me, Nicola Moriarty to start my own school with my own students and see what I can really do for our young dancers.


Woodside School of Ballet has programme for ages 1-17 years and offers a range of classes for all abilites. Our aim is to install correct ballet technique from as young as possible and add other qualitys from the ballet world like, disclpine, hard work, good manors, listerning and applying yourself into the artform. 


Located at our newly renovated Studio 2 location just minstues from our home, we offer a intimate modern space for nurtureing the next young talent and getting the most from every child on our books.


Ballet Intro - Tuesday 4.15pm-5pm (4-5 years) - £6.50

Offering a more structured class to simular ages and abilites. The 45mins long class will incorperate all the major elements of classical ballet. Expecting more polished technique, movement to music, more discpline, and stamina. Working on stregnth and flexiblity also which is the foundation of good Ballet. FIRST CLASS FREE.


Elite Woodside School of Ballet - 10 hours per week - £90

For the more serious dancer who either wishes to gain a place at a top vocational school, or for dancers wishing for a career in the dance world. Training with Nicola Moriarty and her team of World renown guest teachers, we will make you the best you can be. Only ever taking 16 per class it allows us to offer more personal attention and indervidual care and correction. Woodside School of Ballet will take your ballet to the next level and beyound. ACCEPTANCE BY AUDITION ONLY. Contact us for a FREE 45mins Audition with our Pincipal.


What we offer is hard to put into words on our website, so its always best to talk, or email as evey dancer is different, and advice for one student is never the same. 


"We are here to help and advice parent and student forfill their potential, and hopefully their dreams. We are here to improve the dance training in the UK, one dancer at a time" - Nicola Moriarty, Princpal x


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Woodside Dance Retreat

The Old School

School Lane

West Kingsdown

TN15 6JN

"A happy dancer is a good dancer. Student welfair and happiness comes before the artform, ALWAYS" - Simon Moriarty, Director

Client Comments

"I had such an amazing time at Woodside. I feel like I have learnt so much and gained confidence" - Louise (Principals Weeks 2018)

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